Talk to the Women's Institute

Rachel Wilson outside the Woodland Parish Room.jpg

We would like to thank the ladies of the Broughton Mills and Woodland branch of the Women’s Institute for inviting us to speak on Wednesday. We really enjoyed exploring the history of manipulation with the group.


According to Daniel David Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, chiropractic had its beginning on 18 September 1895 with the treatment of a man named Harvey Lillard in Davenport, Iowa, USA. The significance of 1895 is reflected in our clinic’s telephone number.

Science and Charity (Pablo Picasso, 1897)

Painting by Pablo Picasso 'Science and Charity' (1897).jpg

One of the images which we have displayed in the clinic is a print of an early work by Picasso entitled ‘Science and Charity’. It reminds us that good medicine has science as a foundation, but that without a caring and empathetic approach it is wanting. Chiropractic is the same.

Official Opening

Professor Haymo Thiel giving his speech at the Official Opening.jpg

Furness Chiropractic was officially opened by Professor Haymo Thiel, the Principal of the AECC University College, on Saturday 21 April.

The occasion was marked by a ribbon-cutting ceremony and speeches by Professor Haymo Thiel, Councillor Bill McEwan (Deputy Mayor of Barrow), Councillor John Murphy (Former Mayor of Barrow) and Dr Justin Wilson (Chief Medical Officer for Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust).

Councillor John Murphy giving his speech at the Official Opening.jpg

Articles in The Mail and Advertiser

“Does anyone ever come to Barrow-in-Furness on holiday?” This question was asked in Strike, 'Career of Evil', J.K. Rowling’s crime drama which aired recently on the BBC. Francis and Rachel did, and what's more, not long afterwards they moved to Barrow.

They moved more than two hundred and fifty miles, from Bournemouth in Dorset, to set up Furness Chiropractic, liking the place, the people and the beautiful country around it. Their story was printed in The Mail on Monday 5 March (p. 4) and in the Advertiser on Thursday 8 March (front page).

Thank You

We would like to thank everyone who has helped make Furness Chiropractic a reality. Over the past few months we have worked with many wonderful people. We couldn't have done it without you!

Co-operation is Better than Confrontation

Cover of the journal 'Chiropractic History' (Winter 2017/2018)

The latest issue of the Journal Chiropractic History includes a paper by Francis entitled 'Co-operation is better than confrontation. An interview with Dr. Michael Howitt Wilson.'

Abstract: In this article extracts from a semi-structured interview with Dr. Michael Howitt Wilson provide a basis for understanding the lived experiences of this English clinician who practised both as a medical doctor and chiropractor. Emergent themes invite the reader to consider positive and negative aspects of tribalism in chiropractic and medicine, the consequences of bold claims by chiropractors on the perceptions of external observers, and approaches to the training of qualified healthcare practitioners in chiropractic.